JANUARY - 2015

The new solo recording 'Tales From The Desert' is now available via this website as well as CD Baby. This is the first new full length solo studio endeavor since 2001's 'The Learning Curve'. There are six new solo acoustic pieces as well as a reworking of Creme Brulee from the PING / White Light canon. Two new ambient electronic pieces with vocal / guitar loops bookend the recording.

Also working on setting up new shows in my own neck of the woods as well as the next east coast tour in the fall of 2015. Check the GIGS section for more info.



The Past Is Not Forgotten

My son Colin Biedermann passed away on August 27, 2005. He was 19 years young. CB was the rhythmic force behind our duo work as well as that of White Light's. Besides the responsibility of maintaining the pulse, he pushed the music forward with musical sensibilities attributed to a musician of many more years' experience. His ability to improvise in a group context was of the highest order and allowed the other players extraordinary freedom to interpret the music and play with abandon. His abilities as a musician were only surpassed by his human qualities...the understatement of a lifetime. Colin will be sorely missed...however...never forgotten.