Greetings from Green Valley, AZ...

The second east coast tour in the fall of 2015 was a success on so many levels. First of all...a huge thank you to those how housed, fed and spiritually nourished/replenished the inner sanctums of a weary traveler. There were 22 concerts (and 2 cancellations due to car issues and a friends' illness) in a 30 day period. Reconnected with many old friends and met new ones along the way.

Moving forward in 2016...

The Pima County library system centered in Tucson has finally opened their doors to my performing county wide in 2016. As a wise Casteneda once suggested...cactus makes perfect.

Also in the process of setting up the east coast tour in the fall. Keep an eye on the GIGS portion of this website for updates.

New music being written as well. Hopefully enough to make a new recording later in the year.

Ciao for now...



The Past Is Not Forgotten

My son Colin Biedermann passed away on August 27, 2005. He was 19 years young. CB was the rhythmic force behind our duo work as well as that of White Light's. Besides the responsibility of maintaining the pulse, he pushed the music forward with musical sensibilities attributed to a musician of many more years' experience. His ability to improvise in a group context was of the highest order and allowed the other players extraordinary freedom to interpret the music and play with abandon. His abilities as a musician were only surpassed by his human qualities...the understatement of a lifetime. Colin will be sorely missed...however...never forgotten.