The year starts off with the usual compliment of solo library shows; albeit with a move towards more active electronic processing to compliment the acoustic pieces.

The stars have aligned with a connection to the wizard of all things electronic a/k/a Steve Roach ( Steve happens to be a neighbor a few miles south of Green Valley and is curating a series of shows in Tucson in the spring of 2018. I have been very fortunate to have been invited to perform on April 21st @ the Solar Cultural Council Galactic Center. The series will be operating under the banner "Electro Bloom" and will feature a number of other electronic sound sculptors.

More information about the rest of the year's activities are forthcoming...


The Past Is Not Forgotten

My son Colin Biedermann passed away on August 27, 2005. He was 19 years young. CB was the rhythmic force behind our duo work as well as that of White Light's. Besides the responsibility of maintaining the pulse, he pushed the music forward with musical sensibilities attributed to a musician of many more years' experience. His ability to improvise in a group context was of the highest order and allowed the other players extraordinary freedom to interpret the music and play with abandon. His abilities as a musician were only surpassed by his human qualities...the understatement of a lifetime. Colin will be sorely missed...however...never forgotten.